13 Best Free AI Tools For Excel & data analysis 2024

13 Best Free AI Tools For Excel & data analysis 2024

In this blog we will know about the best Free AI Tools for Excel. But first, let’s learn a little about Excel. Excel is a very powerful tool which helps humans in collecting data and helps in bringing changes in sugarcane. Many people think that Log is just a spreadsheet application that stores data in tabular form, but the truth is that it is a very powerful analytical tool that can solve problems.

Most people are not able to fully utilize this complex theory. This poses a terrible problem for them because they need to remember many principles to use the equipment.

But this is not necessary. With the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Excel users can now delve into deep Excel theory without even remembering any theory and get rich results from rigorous analysis. So, let’s know about the best free AI tools for Excel.

Importance of Excel

Before knowing about Excel’s Free AI Tools for Excel, it is very important to understand the importance of AI in Excel because it helps make our work easier and faster. With AI (artificial intelligence), we do not need to remember complex formulas. With the use of AI, we can do complicated calculations and data analysis in Excel without any hassle.

How does AI help in working in Excel? It allows humans to automate repetitive tasks, which saves our time. Apart from this, it also improves our data analysis and provides human rights and relevant insights.

Apart from this, AI also helps in finding hidden patterns and trends in Excel, which is difficult manually. Overall, by using AI Excel, we can do our work in a better way and remain accurate and timely.

Best Free AI Tools For Excel Benefits

Benefits of using AI tools in Excel:

  1. Accuracy of Data Analysis: AI tools improve data analysis in Excel. These tools are able to identify patterns in data and provide precise insights, which increases the accuracy of data analysis.
  2. Make work easier: AI tools automate repetitive tasks, such as generating formulas and cleaning data. This makes our work easier while using Excel and saves time.
  3. Improvement of Data Visualization: AI tools also improve data visualization in Excel. These tools make data visually appealing and easy to understand by creating graphs, charts, and dashboards.
  4. Faster Data Analysis: AI tools also increase the speed of data analysis. They provide relevant insights by rapidly analyzing data, so that work can be done faster and better.
  5. Better decision-making: AI tools can detect hidden data patterns and provide timely insights. Based on these insights, better and faster decisions can be taken, which help in taking the business forward.
  6. Use of Database: AI tools help in analyzing and understanding the data in Excel. These tools deeply analyze data and highlight important trends and insights, which are valuable to users.

List of free AI Tools For Excel Free Download

1. Zoho Sheet Free AI Tools For Excel
There is a companion who helps you maintain practical standards with the help of assistant.
Allows you to keep track of affordable tasks.

2. Botsheets
It focuses on your interactions and automatically identifies the data needed to improve your business.
Provides you the option of simple writing as per language to handle customer data.

3. SheetAI
With SheetAI, you get access to many other AI tools.
You can describe something in one Google Sheet and get the desired result in another sheet using the functions of SheetAI.

4. Numerous A.I.
If you want to use ChatGPT in your Google Sheets, then Numerous AI is the right option.
Allows you to use chatGPT to achieve your desired results.

5. Ajelix
Ajelix is an AI friendly assistant that helps you understand Excel’s accounting problems up to 10 times faster.
It helps to support many AI-based tools related to Excel and Google Sheets.

6. Arcwise AI
is your assistant for Google Sheets that integrates instantly with ChatGPT and helps with the above mentioned security of related results.

7. Sheetplus AI
Sheetplus AI is a time-free and fast tool that helps you learn writing and arithmetic up to 10 times faster.
It provides a step-by-step explanation of a formula’s properties, functions, and function’s description in a clearly visible manner.

8. PromptLoop
PromptLoop provides simple steps to automate your Google Sheets and Excel tasks.
Using it you can support tasks ranging from a construction chart to medical equipment.

9. Lumelixr AI
Lumelixr AI helps you save time and helps you save time.
This construction craft will help you in topics related to ChatGPT.

10. Luminal
Luminal is an effective AI solution that makes meaningful sense of large amounts of data.
It helps you to talk in simple language and make it easier to understand.

11. SheetGod
SheetGod is an AI tool that directly translates a simple word into written style in any language.
Yah creates a small code snippet for your installation work and display.

12. AI Excel Bot
AI Excel Bot is an amazing application that improves the performance of Google Sheets and Excel significantly.
It provides you security and saves time by reducing mistakes.

13. GPTExcel
GPTExcel is a popular AI-powered app that was originally designed to optimize the data processing process.
It improves the ability to sing or work.

Zoho Sheet: free AI Tools For Excel

Zoho Sheet (Free AI Tools For Excel) is an administrative and business spreadsheet software that helps people store and manage data. This is a simple and powerful tool that makes data analysis easy. The special features of Zoho Sheet and its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  1. Collaborative Spreadsheets: Zoho Sheet allows you to create collaborative spreadsheets. This means you and your partner can save data by working together.
  2. AI-Integrated Data Analyst: This is AI-integrated data analyst which helps you in data analysis. This helps you easily understand trends and patterns in the data.
  3. Automated Data Processing: Zoho Sheet helps you in data processing. It eliminates duplicate errors and stores your data correctly.


  1. Internet Connection Required: To use Zoho Sheet you require internet. If you are offline, you cannot use it.
  2. Learning Curve: It may take some people time to learn how to use Zoho Sheet. There are some new features in it which may be difficult for beginners.
  3. Limited Features: Some advanced features are not available in Zoho Sheet, which may be a restriction for some users.

Generally speaking, Zoho Sheet is an administrative and helpful tool that makes data management and analysis easier, but it also has some limitations that users should keep in mind.

Botsheets: free AI Tools For Excel

Botsheets is a free AI tool that helps people who use Excel. This tool focuses on conversations and identifies the data needed to improve your business.


  1. Easy Use: Botsheets easily capture data from your conversations, which saves your time.
  2. Business Improvement: Through this tool, you can collect the data of your users or customers at one place and communicate with them better.
  3. Unique Number: With its help you can easily enter customer information like name, email, budget, and purchase history, which helps in running your business.


  1. Not much use: This tool is only for business and may not have much demand for general use.
  2. Requirement of Internet Connection: To use this tool, internet connection is required, which can be difficult at times.

SheetAI: free AI Tools For Excel

SheetAI is a free tool that can be used in Excel and Google Sheets. By using this tool you can generate Excel formulas without any much knowledge. This tool uses Artificial Intelligence and helps you in working in Excel.


  1. Simple and Effective: SheetAI helps you write and interpret formulas in Excel. In this, Artificial intelligence is used, which helps in generating formulas.
  2. Speed and Time Saving: By using SheetAI you can save your time. With the help of this tool you can create instant formulas, which helps you.
  3. Help in Data Analysis: SheetAI helps you in analyzing data easily. With this tool, you can organize data and extract relevant information from it.


  1. Requirement of Internet: Internet is required to use SheetAI. Without internet, you cannot use this tool.
  2. Time Limitation: At times, there may be a delay in the availability of SheetAI products. This may take approximately one or two seconds, which may be a limitation for some people.
  3. There are some Prateeksha situations where it may take you some time to use SheetAI’s products.

Keeping all these things in mind, SheetAI is a useful and simple tool that can be beneficial for people working in Excel.

Numerous A.I.: free AI Tools For Excel

Numerous A.I.(Free AI Tools For Excel) is an AI-powered tool designed for use in Excel and Google Sheets. This tool helps users in writing and understanding Excel formulas. Here are some advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Automation: Numerous A.I. Helps in automating repetitive tasks, thereby saving time.
  2. Formula Generation: This tool helps users in writing complex Excel formulas, thereby making their work easier.
  3. Data Analysis: Numerous A.I. It also helps in data analysis, so that data can lead to a better society.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: It is easy to use, and even beginners can understand it easily.


  1. Internet Dependency: Internet is required to use this tool, so if there is no internet connection then it will not work.
  2. Limited Customization: Some advanced users may not be able to make specific choices in this tool, as the customization options in it are limited.

Ajelix: free AI Tools For Excel

Ajelix (Free AI Tools For Excel) is an AI spreadsheet tool that helps you write and understand formulas in Excel. By using this tool you can increase the performance of your spreadsheets by 10 times. With the help of AI, it automates spreadsheet tasks effectively and is also helpful in translating spreadsheets.


  1. Facility to write formulas quickly: With the help of Excel, you can write and solve Excel formulas very fast.
  2. Keyword Identification: This tool identifies keywords and creates Excel formulas based on them, which makes writing and understanding the formula very easy.
  3. Tools and Units: Ajelix is compatible with Excel and Google Sheets and Shikron supports AI-based tools, so you can make your spreadsheet work even more effective.


  1. Basic Overview: Some users of Ajelix find that the tool’s interface can be a bit difficult to make basic use of.
  2. Limited Writer Support: Some users feel that the writer support of Ajelix is limited, which forces them to face challenges for small excel tasks.

Arcwise AI: free AI Tools For Excel

Arcwise (Free AI Tools For Excel) AI is a powerful AI spreadsheet tool built for Google Sheets. This tool has so far been trusted by 5000+ users and companies like Netflix, Bumble, and Databricks.


  1. Data Analysis: Arcwise AI helps you like a copilot with spreadsheets. It reviews your spreadsheets with ChatGPT, and explains calculation interdependencies.
  2. Data Scraping: With this you can scrape data from the web browser, clean the data, and do proper formatting.
  3. Future Enhancements: Arcwise AI looks forward to introducing powerful suggestions from GPT-4 soon. This sheet will be 10 times better in comparison and formula suggestions.


  1. Learning Curve: It may take some time to get used to, especially for users who are using this type of AI tool for the first time.
  2. Availability: Currently this tool is available only for Google Sheets, not for Microsoft Excel.

Sheetplus AI: free AI Tools For Excel

Sheetplus (Free AI Tools For Excel) AI is a tool that helps people who use Excel and Google Sheets. This tool helps in writing complex formulas in excel and Google sheets and also helps you in understanding.


  1. Create Formulas faster: Sheetplus AI helps you create accurate Excel or Google Sheets formulas in seconds. This eliminates the need for you to remember long and complex formulas.
  2. Ease of use: This tool helps anyone to understand, whether he is a beginner or an experienced user.
  3. Step-by-Step Breakdown: Sheetplus AI walks you through the components of each formula step-by-step, making it easier for you to understand how each formula works.


  1. Limited Customization: Some people feel that there is less facility to customize the formula in this tool.
  2. Lack of Mobile Application: Some people wish that this tool also has a mobile application so that they can use it from their phone also, but till now this facility is not available.

PromptLoop: free AI Tools For Excel

PromptLoop is a free AI tool that makes your work easier in Excel and Google Sheets. It provides you with spreadsheet formulas that automate your Google Sheets and Excel tasks. This helps you do your work faster, and makes your spreadsheets more powerful.


  1. Makes work easier: PromptLoop provides you with simple spreadsheet formulas that help you get your work done faster.
  2. Creation of Custom Workflows: It helps you in creating custom workflows which makes your work more organized.
  3. Personalized AI Models: This gives you the facility to create AI models as per your specific requirements, which makes your work even better.
  4. Helps in Data Analysis: PromptLoop helps you in data analysis, so that you can take better decisions.


  1. Limited Customization Options: Some users may find that the customization options of this tool are limited.
  2. Lack of Mobile Application: PromptLoop does not have any mobile application, which may be a problem for some users.
  3. Multiuser Collaboration is not supported: This tool does not support multiuser collaboration, which may be a drawback for some organizations.

Lumelixr AI: free AI Tools For Excel

Lumelixr AI is a tool that is very helpful for Excel users. This tool helps you in creating correct formulas for Excel and increases your productivity.


  1. Simple Steps: It is very easy to use Lumelixr AI. You just ask a question and Lumelixr generates the correct Excel formula.
  2. Time Saving: By using this tool you can save time. You won’t have to worry about finding the long formula.
  3. Data Analysis: Lumelixr AI helps you in data analysis. You can focus on the data, and enjoy and use it as soon as the formula is ready.


  1. Internet Connection Required: To use Lumelixr AI you require internet. If you do not have an internet connection, you cannot use it.
  2. Basic Features: There are no advanced features in this tool. If you have very deep knowledge of Excel, then this tool may not make you completely happy.

Luminal: free AI Tools For Excel

Luminal (Free AI Tools For Excel) is a very useful and free tool that helps improve the use of Excel. The advantages and disadvantages of this equipment are as follows:


  1. Luminal is easy to use and most people understand it easily.
  2. Time Saving: This tool saves time, especially when large data sets are reviewed.
  3. Clear Data Presentation: Luminal helps you present your data in a clear form, which is important in making business decisions.


  1. Time of method: Sometimes, its implementation may take time and may be difficult.
  2. Requirement of Internet: Internet is required to use it, which may be a problem for some people.
  3. Administrative Barriers: Some users may face administrative barriers when it is used in an institution or business environment.

SheetGod: free AI Tools For Excel

SheetGod (Free AI Tools For Excel) is an AI spreadsheet tool that helps you in Excel. It provides you ease and support in your situations, especially when you have to do difficult tasks. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this tool:


  1. Makes your work easier: SheetGod makes your work easier in Excel. You don’t need to remember complex formulas or functions because it converts them into plain English.
  2. Social Helper: This tool comes with step-by-step tutorials to help you socialize. If you need a formula for any work, SheetGod gives it to you.
  3. Saves time: SheetGod creates formulas for you instantly. This saves your time and you can progress in your work faster.


  1. Lack of Customization: Sometimes the option to customize formulas in SheetGod feels lacking. There is no perfect formula for every situation.
  2. Lack of Mobile Application: SheetGod lacks a mobile application, which may be a problem for some people, especially if they work from their phones.
  3. Losses from Assistive Use: Some editions of SheetGod have some reductions from Assistive Use, such as the lack of multi-user collaboration support. If you want to use the assistant with someone, this could be a problem.

AI Excel Bot: free AI Tools For Excel

AI Excel Bot (Free AI Tools For Excel) is a tool that is designed for people who use Excel. This can make your Excel tasks even easier. There are some good and some bad things in this:


  1. AI Excel Bot can help you in handling your Excel work. This can save you time.
  2. Helpful in data analysis: It helps you in data analysis and helps you understand what your data is saying.
  3. Visualization Aid: This tool can convert your data into graphical images, which makes it easier for you to understand.


  1. It takes time: Sometimes it takes some time, so your work can stop for a while.
  2. Requirement of Internet: To use it you need internet.
  3. Not Available in All Devices: This tool is not available in all devices, hence may not be useful for some people.

GPTExcel: free AI Tools For Excel

GPTExcel (Free AI Tools For Excel) is an advanced AI-powered app designed to optimize spreadsheet tasks. It improves productivity for people and organizations with amazing features.


  1. Advanced AI-Driven Automation: GPTExcel has the capability of AI-driven formula creation. This greatly increases the speed of completing tasks and makes complex formulas easier to understand and create.
  2. No Coding Required: It does not require any coding, it is very easy and convenient for the users.
  3. 50+ Language Support: This tool supports 50+ languages, which is very beneficial for the users.
  4. Simple Invoice and Cancellation: This tool provides you simple invoice and cancellation facility.


  1. Limitation on Excel and Google Sheet: The use of GPTExcel is limited to Excel and Google Sheet, which means that it does not work on other platforms.
  2. Sometimes Difficult to Handle: Sometimes it fails to handle advanced questions.
  3. This tool is based on API integration.
  4. Lack of versioning or formula history: This tool misses the feature of versioning or formula history.


Q: Is AI Excel bot free?

ANS: Access AI Excel Bot directly within your Google Sheets or Excel without any need to switch applications. Enjoy a complimentary allocation of 5 credits every month. Upgrade to a pro subscription for unlimited access to AI Excel Bot’s features.

Q: Can I use AI to analyze Excel data?

ANS: Excel plugins with AI capabilities can help users analyze data more accurately and efficiently. By using these tools, users can easily identify patterns and trends within large datasets that may be challenging to spot manually. This improved accuracy can lead to better decision-making and insights from the data.

Q: How do I use ChatGPT in Excel?

ANS: You can’t directly use ChatGPT in Excel. However, you can utilize Excel for data analysis and then use ChatGPT separately for generating text or getting assistance with various tasks.

Q: Can chatbot do Excel?

ANS: Yes, chatbots can integrate with Excel through various plugins or APIs to perform tasks such as data entry, analysis or report generation.

Q: Can ChatGPT create Excel formulas?

ANS: Yes, ChatGPT can help create Excel formulas. Just let me know what you need and I’ll help you create the right formula for your Excel spreadsheet.

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